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Tucson Paranormal Society is devoted to bringing together a community that has always looked for the answers. Too much in the world is confusing, vague or outright kept secret. Explore with us…bring your curiosity…and enjoy the adventure! Join us at any of our weekly or monthly events to meet with Arizona’s best experts. Together, we help make the world feel a little more…normal.

Join our group of Light Workers, as we explore the paranormal. Investigations into the previously unknown are now the new normal.

Tucson Paranormal Society is excited to present Arizona’s best astrologers, numerologists, intuitive readers, mediums and paranormal investigators. Our experts work together to present both monthly and weekly events to give you every possible avenue to answer any question you can imagine. We know…because we’ve been asking and answering the same questions for all of our lives.

We are confident that our team’s unique abilities and experiences will bring peaceful understanding of this new century we find ourselves in. Welcome…

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Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter (at right>>) and join us at all our events. We have free conference calls every Monday, Organizational Meetings every Tuesday, weekly Business Education and Networking, and our famous Cocktail Parties monthly. Would you like to present your services or business? Call us at 513-476-2222. Act fast – membership is discounted only for 2023.

Personal Advisors and Recommendations

Tucson Paranormal Society has a vibrant membership with a great panel of leaders, experts, and advisors. Ask us about any topic you are interested in and we will guide you to an expert member. Contact us at [email protected]

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