For Everything Out of This World

Tucson Paranormal Society is devoted to bringing together a community that has always looked for the answers. Too much in the world is confusing, vague or outright kept secret. Explore with us…bring your curiosity…and enjoy the adventure! Join us at any of our weekly or monthly events to meet with Arizona’s best experts. Together, we help make the world feel a little more…normal.

Join our group of Light Workers, as we explore the paranormal. Investigations into the previously unknown are now the new normal.

Tucson Paranormal Society is excited to present Arizona’s best astrologers, numerologists, intuitive readers, mediums, and paranormal investigators. Our experts work together to present both monthly and weekly events to give you every avenue to answer any question you can imagine. We know…because we’ve been asking and answering the same questions for all our lives.

Benefits are Huge for only $45 per year…

1. TPS Members and Barnes and Nobles Premium Members save 20%

2. Free Admission to our Famous Cocktail Parties! WOOO!

3. Access to Events for Free or at a Discount: Want to attend MUFON? Join in!

4. News to all Events and Raffles (Raffles worth $300+)

5. Free Book Club Membership

6. Discounts Among our Experts’ Services

7. Discounts in Advertising and Publications

8. Free Business Education and Network Marketing (Free Buffet Breakfast!)

9. Discounts at Faires and Conventions

10. Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Astrologer!

We are confident that our team’s unique abilities and experiences will bring peaceful understanding of this new century we find ourselves in. Welcome…

Contact Us

Larry Martin

11177 N. Oracle Road – Mail 3204

Oro Valley, AZ 85737

[email protected]

(513) 476-2222

Our Purpose

We Create Community

Our first purpose is to creat a community where every expreince is welcome. Have you had a paaranormal experience? We would love to hear about it. All of our meetings and events welcome those who otehrwise have little to no opportunity to speak or share.

We Help Build Your Metaphysical Business

Tucson Paranormal Society has a vibrant membership with a great panel of leaders, experts, and advisors. We have both free and professional busines services in marketing, advertising and networking to help you grow your business to full-time status. Let us know how we can help. Contact us at [email protected]

There’s a Place for Everyone!

There are multiple branches to experience:

Executives: Top decision makers with a minimum investment.

Advisors : Experts in a paranormal field who meet quarterly to help us problem-solve and develop suggestions.

Leaders: Experts meeting weekly with hand-on creation of events and investigations.

Sponsors: Those who wish to help build our organization by sponsoring a monthly practice or expense.

Members: Like minded souls interested in meeting monthly and to enjoy our vast array of paarties and events.

Subscribers: Mailing List subscriptions to stay in the know about Arizona topics and scheduled events.